How Bumble and bumble Transformed Me Into a 1940s Movie Star

As a 90s kid who had the misfortune to grow up during the emo bangs and choppy layers trend, I’ve rarely wondered what I would look like if I had been born in another time period. Right now feels like the peak of beauty. Shopping at Sephora is a monthly ritual. Masses of self-made makeup gurus exchange tips online on how to contour or bake your face to perfection. Heck, eyebrows are so good right now that a Chicago teen had to invent the phrase “on fleek” to describe the next level we’ve taken them to! And yet, when an email reading “Pin-Up Style Curls for Modern Girls! Book for Curling Iron Artistry” appeared in my inbox, I couldn’t constrain my curiosity.

Before the Hair Transformation

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I’m no stranger to the hair modeling process. Ever since a couple of RUSK scouts invited me to model at the International Beauty Show in 2013, I hair model at least five times a year for brands including L’Oreal, Redken, DryBar, and Bumble and bumble. Today was another experiment for me: a thrifty, adventurous young person on a mission to get free stuff.

After taking a seat at my station at Bumble and bumble, I take a quick selfie and begin reflecting on current beauty trends and what they say about the state of women. I usually put minimal effort into my hair. I try to let quality shampoo, highlights, and an expensive blow dryer do all the work so I don’t have to spend hours styling my hair every day. As a consultant who travels to different client sites every week for work, I can barely wake up early enough to pencil my eyebrows in. Natural hair is the mark of the modern day, working woman! Why else would dry shampoo be on the rise?

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The Proces

  1. The Wash – Dominic* gives my hair a quick rinse with Bb’s Sunday Shampoo to take the gunk out of my roots, dries it completely, and parts my hair in two with a straight line.
  2. The Dry –  Since my hair is thin, Dominic preps with Bb’s Thickening Hairspray in addition to  Bb’s Prep Spray. Then, he gives my hair a thorough blow dry.
  3. The Curling – Once my hair is completely dry, Dominic takes small, 1-inch wide strands of my hair, sprays it thoroughly with Bb’s Thickening Dryspun Finish Spray , curls it with a hot iron, and immediately clips the curl onto my head. He continues this process until my head is curled and clipped.
  4. The Brushing – Dominic removes all of the clips from my head uses a hair brush to sculpt my hair into its final shape.


The Result


Bonus Content – Footage of Bumble and bumble’s New York salon!

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