On the Daily: Glimpsing into the Life of a New Yorker

Take a look at how an average New Yorker (me) spends her days. 

December 1

  • Hosted an office charity drive and watercolor painted holiday cards for the nonprofit Cards for Hospitalized Children.
  • Attended a Lunch and Learn at my office about taking a sabbatical; ate vegetarian sushi from Beyond Sushi (it was pretty tasty!).
  • Used by Gilt City voucher for a Japanese pedicure and holiday gel nail art at Sakura Nail & Spa.

December 2 

  • Hosted NYC Playtest, a board game meetup group for designers, in my building’s lounge. Alex and I also tested two of our new games – Cavaliers & Roundheads and Saviors of Japan.
  • Ate some tasty, tasty pho with friends at Thai Son (Do not listen to the Yelp reviews! This place is good).
  • Visited the Bulletin Mini Mall, an awesome feminist pop-up shop selling super fun gifts for your girl gang. Though I am supposed to be saving money, I admittedly purchased a “Nasty Woman” keychain.
  • Scoured Michael’s to find leftover Christmas tree supplies with my friends. They landed on all red ornaments and white lights.
  • Helped my friends tree-hunt in Manhattan to no avail. They ended up having to go to the Lowe’s in Brooklyn, which is where I bought my tree the weekend after Thanksgiving!

December 3

  • Urgently and haphazardly cleaned my loft and set up hot pot prior to hosting my second-ever wholesome Holiday Hangout. (I previously hosted a Friendsgiving with 17 people).
  • Played the White Elephant Gift Exchange game. The highlights: someone unwrapping one-ply toilet paper, people being civil and asking permission before stealing gifts.
  • Received comments that I am very adult for having a rug and socks on my dining room chairs. Who knew that these were the requirements!

December 4-8

  • Uneventful. Mostly worked, slept, and ate!

December 9 

  • First snow day of the year! Stayed cozy indoors and online shopped (the holiday deals are not over yet!).

December 10 

  • Saw a Pomeranian wearing a tiara as soon as I got off the subway on the Upper East Side (classic).
  • Used a Gilt City voucher to get high tea at Alice’s Teacup II with my college friend

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